Eerie Ways to Disappear

A magical anthology of stories surrounding children and their unsettling disappearances.

The line between fairy tale and horror has always existed. Both explore the visceral consequences for cautionary lessons. However, it is not my intention to appeal to the carnal fear, but the subconscious speculation. Throughout this series you will be presented with stories, often with subtle and familiar beauties, that appear to be magical. Of course, it always begins with the hope that something mystical may just be leading to something even better. Sometimes we don’t know where that magic leads, and that is the gift of this anthology…

The wonder. The mystery. The suspense.

Published by J.D. Clair

J.D. Clair is a blue collar, paint on his jeans, father of three. He lives in the Chicago suburbs where he works as a warehouse manager. He has played supporting roles in films and plays, and has been awarded the Best Neighbor Award in 2017. Graduate of the University of North Texas with a Bachelor’s Degree in English, J.D. spends his free time writing stories that explore the human condition through a hyperbolic atmosphere.

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