Adventure starts here.


Dominick Adessi is no stranger to pain. Scarred both physically and emotionally, he does what comes naturally as an athlete. He runs. 

But what happens when running leads to a world beyond our own? Dominick finds himself swept into the realm of Ollinea, an ancient plane where legends are more than mere myth.  

A place of monsters and magic. Spirits and scars.

Ollinea is marred by the rivalry between the Meztis, a blended race of Native American and European settlers lost to the stars, and the Stonecoats, a tribe of hard husks and fangs.

The sun is missing and the moon brings blood.

Dominick should be in high school, not in Ollinea. He has survived terrible things, but this place may leave a wound that can never be healed. Can Dominick face down his demons and stand with the Meztis, or will he run?

J.D. Clair is a blue collar, paint on his jeans, father of three. He lives in the Chicago suburbs where he works as a warehouse manager. He has played supporting roles in films and plays, and has been awarded the Best Neighbor Award in 2017.

Graduate of the University of North Texas with a Bachelor’s Degree in English, J.D. spends his free time writing stories that explore the human condition through a hyperbolic atmosphere.