Adventures of Wonder-Boy

Movie (2013)

A boy, frightened by a monster in his closet, discovers a ball containing mystical powers which grant him super abilities. The powers help the boy to overcome the living nightmare and save the ones he loves.

Adventures of Wonder-Boy: Episode 2

Brown Belly Bug (2014)

It's fathers day and Wonder-Boy tries to find something to do to pass the time as he waits for his dad to return from a business trip. And no one wastes time like a magical hipster thief.

Adventures of Wonder-Boy: Episode 3

Heroes Don't Cry (2014)

A Ghoul for hire attempts to apprehend the now infamous Wonder-Boy who proves too strong for his new adversary. Defeated, the Ghoul returns to Queen Cry who decides to send her minions, the Cries, to bite and hurt our hero.

Adventures of Wonder-Boy: Episode 4

A Spider Beside Her (2014)

Wonder-Boy and Wonder-Girl spot a space ship descending into a suburban town. When the gang of space pirates invades a home for supplies they are met by an unknown masked spider. Who is this vigilante? Will she be a friend or foe.