SHY GUY (fan-made movie trailer)

Writer/Director/Editor/Actor/Narrator/Costume Design

It wasn't my war.

The gold and the power. Monsters and men fighting for a princess and a kingdom. The Toads... The Koopas... Everything destroyed with fire.

We were farmers. Kind... Gentle... Shy... We built this land. But the dream is over now. The game has changed. And now it's time to fight back.

Investigation: Baby attacks bottle

Writer/Director/Editor/Actor/Voice overs

My daughter was throwing a tantrum and I decided that rather than consoling her, I'd film it and share it with my friends and family. They all thought her outburst was hilarious and speculation arose as to why the bottle was attacked. I then felt the need to do an investigation discovery report on the event and included witnesses and the culprit herself.

Attack of the Teenage Seaman from Outer Space

Writer/Co-Director/Co-Editor/Monster/Costume Design

It's the 1950's and something terrible has come to earth. The only clue is  a mysterious device, which has fallen into the hands of a peculiar group of mismatched heroes. Will they be able to discover the device's secret before it's too late?

Strap on for this tongue in cheek B flick.

Death Sucks


Some people are a waste of life. Some people are a waste of death.  When a good for nothing drain on society is burned to death by his no-nonsense grandma, he finds himself trapped, possessing the vacuum used to clean his ashes. Reborn as the Dirty Devil himself, this killer vacuum is set out to clean house.

*Disclaimer* Some of the footage was corrupted during editing, which unfortunately lost some scenes that contributed to the story. However, the basic bones are still present. So get sucked into this short horror.


Awareness Safety Videos


This playlist was created as a series of short slapstick safety videos. It's meant for fun, but also to generate conversation about safety and being aware of ones surroundings.