How do you deal with writer’s block?

I usually have something to write, though not always the thing I want to work on. Most of the time I write what my mind tells me even if it's off topic and not related to my current project. Once I get something out that has been on my mind I can steer my thoughts and intentions back to a larger project

How do you get inspired to write?

I am in a constant state of developing ideas. Lines and concepts flood to me as waves in the ocean push and pull with a rising and receding tide. My biggest conflict is remaining focused on any one idea at a time. I have a tendency to complete half of my idea before being thrown into the wake of another. This means I often suffer from having too many projects all in motion at once, and I need to be intentional to bring them to completion.

What’s your advice for aspiring writers?

You need to be resilient I have yet to receive a strictly negative review but have essentially been ignored. The uncertainty is painful. It would be like spending all day making a meal for company you invited. They are late and you're staring at the door, hoping that someone would come soon... hoping they'd arrive before the food spoils. The story you tell may not spoil in time, but your heart may. It is because of this that I've contemplated quitting on many occasions.


What’s the best thing about being a writer?

Sharing a story I spend endless hours pining over with the world.


Where can I buy your books

As of now, all purchases can be done through Amazon.