Eerie Ways To Disappear

A magical anthology of stories surrounding children and their unsettling disappearances.

The line between fairy tale and horror has always existed. Both explore the visceral consequences for cautionary lessons. However, it is not my intention to appeal to the carnal fear, but the subconscious speculation. Throughout this series you will be presented with stories, often with subtle and familiar beauties, that appear to be magical. Of course, it always begins with the hope that something mystical may just be leading to something even better. Sometimes we don’t know where that magic leads, and that is the gift of this anthology...

The wonder. The mystery. The suspense.


The gates of Hell are opened by a mysterious drug in a port town called Blackwater, where the fog and the rain meet at the shore between two voids … the void above, and the void below.

When Tom Cameron ventures to Blackwater Pharmacy seeking the only thing that will give him solace, he finds himself thrust into unimaginable horrors, caught between the sight of the spirit and the filter of flesh.

As he fights to figure out which is his true reality, forces led by the unholiest of faiths close in. Can Tom save himself from the horrible atrocities that haunt him, or will he become another victim of the demonic god’s faithful congregation?

God Mode Activated

Grab your Hot Pockets, Mountain Dew, and a Bible because this book will guide you through the Christian worldview by relating Biblical concepts and themes to popular video games and the broad spectrum of video game culture. A fun book for anyone interested in gaming and learning about who God is and how he interacts with the world we live in.


Where Do They Come From?

Families are important to the growth and development of children. They are our role models, our coaches, and our heroes. These children's books celebrates the roles of family members by highlighting qualities in whimsical ways.