The Truth About Fat

If you want to know what the world really thinks about fat people, be a fat person and lose weight. People treat you differently. They respect you. Not just for the knowledge of accomplishment, but because people’s instinct finds health satisfying to their eyes. Although, that’s not what people will tell you. They’ll say “You… Continue Reading

Shh! Daddy is Sleeping

For Hannah, everything was new. New bed. New home. New routine. New life. But sadly it’s the same old story you’ve heard a thousand times before. Mommy and Daddy don’t love each other anymore. That’s what they said during the court hearing and custody arrangements. And while everything had undoubtedly changed into something new, Hannah… Continue Reading


The existence of the soul had been long debated. An element so vital to existence that every belief system throughout history hinges on what roams inside our bones. The truth of what makes us human. An image of the unseen God. I have seen it. And now so have you. I’ve never been a man… Continue Reading


[Warning: explicit content] Sex: The Church’s dirty secret. All those wholesome families coming in each Sunday, pretending to be unaware of the abstract carnal force that allowed even the most devout man to enter the arched building with his satisfied lady and their 9 children. The pastor, standing before the congregation, his thin, blonde, big-breasted… Continue Reading


I’m no Jesus. Never claimed to be. Never wanted to be. But that’s the funny thing about doing what I can do… What I want doesn’t fucking matter anymore. All over the world there were people who claimed to do the impossible. They offered hope for a price. Shaman. Priests. Mystics. Medicine Men. Healer. Different… Continue Reading

Hazael’s Curse

  On the eastern end of town, just past the aged chapel but just before the creek, rests the Howells’ abandoned farmhouse. The blood red paint had chipped and dulled to rust in the forsaken seasons, losing the luster of love. The grass grew high, swallowing stones and the bottom of broken tractors. Every kid… Continue Reading

Haunt of the Midnight Orchid (Part 2)

    CHAPTER 4: THE NEXT DAY/PRUNING   Morning light chased away the stars, turning purple sky blue and then yellow. A powerful force left a weightlessness within the air to the scent of flowers as David found himself back in his room, laid out in his bed, refreshed. It didn’t feel like a dream,… Continue Reading

Haunt of the Midnight Orchid (Part 1)

CHAPTER 1: BIRTHDAY   Inside us all is a carnal hunger. A desire that springs from the deepest fountain within our souls. Reason… Logic… Understanding… all earthly commitments become obstacles to overcome in pursuit of the grand appetite. Cold air poured from the open mouth of the refrigerator. Bottles clanked within the buzzing glow of… Continue Reading

Welcome to the Futherland

I am pleased to bring you a much needed update to my website. Here you’ll find some of my completed works, but also images, new posts, and updates on upcoming projects.