TINDER-HELLA (Radio Play Script)

SCENE 1: PLAYING WOMEN LAUGHING SWIPE (x4) VICKY: Oooh. He’s cute. DESIREE: Seriously? Look at that nose. No thank you. MARIA: I’d let him stick that nose where it doesn’t belong. VICKY: Maria?! You’re such a slut. MARIA: Hey! The only time Tom gives me the old schnozing is when the Bulls win. I can’t… Continue Reading


SCENE 1: THE RIDE SOFT MUSIC STATIC RAIN CAMERON: (V.O.) It’s raining again. Third time this week. The blue summer sky lost in a haze of white mist and heavy drops that patter as they paint the streets with a gloss. I’ve been at the Blackwater bus stop for nearly an hour, waiting. The hunger…. Continue Reading