God Mode Activated

Grab your Hot Pockets, Mountain Dew, and a Bible because this book will guide you through the Christian worldview by relating Biblical concepts and themes to popular video games and the broad spectrum of video game culture. A fun book for anyone interested in gaming and learning about who God is and how he interacts with the world we live in.


Eerie, not scary.

Did you ever wonder what would happen if you swung over the bar on a swing set? Or maybe, what would happen if you ever reached the top of a very tall tree? Could there be something on the other side of a bedtime blanket?  Find out in this  charming anthology of stories surrounding children and their mystical disappearances.

The Impossible Return to Innocence

The Impossible Return to Innocence is a modern fantasy that asks "What if?". What if another  world existed beyond our own? One in which Native American legends were true, but not the way we know them. What if you were stolen into that world? Would you want to stay? Could you?

The Long Fall Back to Earth

Be recaptured by the Furtherland in the sequel to The Impossible Return to Innocence, The Long Fall Back to Earth. A tragic tale following Dominick's sister, Gina, and addresses the consequence of choice.

Son of the American Mid-West

JD Clair lives in the Chicago suburbs with his three children where he crafts wild tales that combine spiritual and philosophical elements to create a modern folklore that sticks to your bones.

He enjoys an active lifestyle of running and playing various sports, as well as watching horror movies, reading science fiction, and seeking out his own heroic adventure.

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