Blackwater Pharmacy

The gates of Hell are opened by a mysterious drug in a port town called Blackwater, where the fog and the rain meet at the shore between two voids … the void above, and the void below.

When Tom Cameron ventures to Blackwater Pharmacy seeking the only thing that will give him solace, he finds himself thrust into unimaginable horrors, caught between the sight of the spirit and the filter of flesh.

As he fights to figure out which is his true reality, forces led by the unholiest of faiths close in. Can Tom save himself from the horrible atrocities that haunt him, or will he become another victim of the demonic god’s faithful congregation?

God Mode Activated

Grab your Hot Pockets, Mountain Dew, and a Bible because this book will guide you through the Christian worldview by relating Biblical concepts and themes to popular video games and the broad spectrum of video game culture. A fun book for anyone interested in gaming and learning about who God is and how he interacts with the world we live in.


Eerie, not scary.

Did you ever wonder what would happen if you swung over the bar on a swing set? Or maybe, what would happen if you ever reached the top of a very tall tree? Could there be something on the other side of a bedtime blanket?  Find out in this  charming anthology of stories surrounding children and their mystical disappearances.


A little Dr. Seuss style poem I wrote in honor of all the fathers out there... especially my dad. Happy Father's Day!

*Note: the artwork is not mine. I altered existing drawings with color and text to share a more complete vision of my writing.*

Son of the American Mid-West

JD Clair lives in the Chicago suburbs with his three children where he crafts wild tales that combine spiritual and philosophical elements to create a modern folklore that sticks to your bones.

He enjoys an active lifestyle of running and playing various sports, as well as watching horror movies, reading science fiction, and seeking out his own heroic adventure.

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An Interesting Story About An Uninteresting Guy

Fool triumphant comedy. JD Clair plays the infamous Bobby Lablow, a gamble hungry political rival in bed with the mafia and big business in hopes to obtain power.

Ready to find out more?

Check out the official movie website.

The Nightmare Society Volume 2

A collection of 20 stories from a multitude of writers and artists, all extremely well versed in the art of horror.  Each story was selected for its merits in terror, and is accompanied by a nightmarish illustration from artists like Andy Sciazko and David Romero.

Featuring JD Clair's short story Soul Sculpture

Find out what monster lurks behind the door.


Short 48hour film. An unhinged father takes his revenge on a man he believes hurt his child. Rabid bloodlust leads to haunting consequences.

A Tale Of Two Cities (The Musical)

Show dates: Sept 14 – Oct 6, 2018

Book, Music, and Lyrics by Jill Santoriello. Based on the novel by Charles Dickens

Two men in love with the same woman. Two cities swept up in revolution. One last chance for a man to redeem his wasted life and change the world. Based on Charles Dickens’ masterpiece, A Tale of Two Cities is a musical that focuses on the love triangle between young beauty Lucie Manette, French aristocrat Charles Darnay and drunken English cynic Sydney Carton - all caught in the clutches of the bloody French Revolution.

Appropriate for all ages and audiences, this classic story of love, revolution, and redemption is what the Associated Press called, “the return to the era of big blockbusters such as Les Miserables, Phantom, and Miss Saigon.

JD Clair has taken the role of Mr. Jarvis Lorry.



Nominated! 2009 Outer Critics Circle Awards, Outstanding New Broadway Musical.

“A Broadway must see! Everything is here to stir the soul—young love, purity, vengeance, villainy, valor—all played out against that historic revolution.” —The Connecticut Post

Neighbor Of the Year

After finding his neighbor John collapsed and clinging to life, JD called for help, rallying the close-nit town to assist until paramedics could arrive. John has made a full recovery.